Hops, the green gold!

Luppolo, l'oro verde!

The positive trend of 2020 is also confirmed for 2021, in Italy we continue to plant hops!
The companies that have decided to invest in the hops supply chain are constantly growing, sometimes specializing, sometimes to increase business diversification.

The awareness that a local, regional, and in any case Italian product, can make the difference, seems to take hold even among the most suspicious brewers, to the point that more and more breweries are transformed into agribirrifies, or that entrust the production of part of their business needs to experienced growers.
The skills in the processing of the flower also grow, thus increasing the stability of the product over time.
If at the beginning of our adventure we thought that there were few areas suitable for cultivation, in the last two years, we have also recorded comforting results in regions of Italy that on paper seemed less suitable.
Several locations for example in Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia, Calabria, where water availability and soils are good, growth has been vigorous and thanks to ventilation, there have been few or no pest attacks.
There are dozens of vigorous and resistant varieties, and they abundantly satisfy the aromatic profiles necessary for brewing purposes. Cascade always ranks first in adaptability, followed by Chinook, Comet, Brewer's Gold, Crystal, Cashmere, Alpharoma, Sorachi Ace, Tahoma, Newport, and many more.
The variety most resistant to parasites is Teamaker, interesting for having almost non-existent bitter acid content, which makes it special for the medicinal sector.