Has it ever happened to you after a hard day of work to find yourself among friends with a cold beer in your hand, so fragrant that you wonder how you can make it so good?

It is precisely for this reason that after many years of experience in the production of ornamental grasses, we have decided to produce hop plants in pots, selecting for you more than 50 different varieties from the European germplasm bank.

Only plants reproduced in vitro

We carry out an open battle with strength and determination AGAINST the use of rhizomes as a method of reproduction, because it appears to be a means of spreading important diseases.

In order to guarantee the exact correspondence of the material we propose, from 2019 we reproduce our plants only from VITRO through sophisticated and innovative laboratory techniques.

Let's start from the consideration that selling live hops plants - at rest or in vegetation, always ready to transplant - offers the certainty of getting an excellent start of the new hops grove, with the possibility of harvesting already from the first year!

Your beer needs a special hops!