Shipping policy

Shipments are made all year round, but can be interrupted or delayed in periods of intense heat or frost.

If the package arrives intact, but the goods are damaged we are not responsible if:
-Natural disasters slow or prevent delivery;
- the recipient results from the missing tracking, and if the goods are placed in storage;
- there are health emergencies at local, regional, state level, such as to modify and lengthen delivery times.
- if the goods are not removed from the boxes within 1 hour of delivery and the damaged material is notified via email with photos.

The products will be shipped by courier to the address indicated by the CUSTOMER at the time of the purchase order no later than 15 working days from the date of receipt by the CUSTOMER of the e-mail confirming the same by STRANOMAVERDE.
Shipping costs were calculated according to the weight per plant, and summarized in the ranges below.


3 plants: 12 €
4-12 plants: 15 €
13-36 plants: 18 €
37-60 plants: 25 €
61-96 plants: 40 €

Shipments are concentrated in the first three days of the week and follow the order of arrival of payment confirmations.
Generally the plants arrive in 2/3 working days and at most in 4 working days for the islands.
The customer will be notified via email of the shipment.

Delivery takes place between 09.00 and 18.00. For the purpose of correct delivery, it is important to enter the correct shipping data in the appropriate form. We consider it relevant to insert an address where someone is always available to receive the package (at street level).

Depending on the season, the plants can be dormant or in vegetation. In the latter case they will be cut so as not to be damaged during transport and to guarantee vegetative growth once planted.
Often, a liquid rich in minerals can come out of the cut that is not synonymous with suffering.
This liquid can stain fabrics and surfaces, which we are not responsible for in any way.

The plants sent are always carefully chosen, and only after verifying their vitality, are they labeled and shipped.
Once you arrive, the plants must be planted as soon as possible, following the advice you will find in our news to the letter. If the purchase period is not the most suitable for planting, we advise you to keep the plants sheltered from intense frost, and in any case to keep them in optimal humidity conditions.

Damaged products or mismatch of packages: any external damage or mismatch in the number of packages themselves must be immediately reported to the Courier, adding the wording "conditional collection" on the courier's accompanying document and must also be reported, within 2 days, through a registered letter with return receipt addressed to Stranomaverde, vicolo Pigafetta 6, 35018 San Martino di Lupari (PD).
Any disputes about the quality of the goods must be made to Strano ma verde upon receipt, otherwise the goods themselves are considered accepted upon delivery.
Extraordinary atmospheric events are to be considered "causes of force majeure" and therefore slow down the process of shipment and delivery of the plants.
Stranomaverde is not responsible for the death of the purchased plants, because it is sure of the quality control performed upstream.
It would make no sense to ship dead or ailing plants, as the joy of your results is our satisfaction.


Stranomaverde recognizes the customer the right of withdrawal. For more information see This link.

For any doubt or uncertainty, please do not hesitate to contact us.