Transplant in pots

Il trapianto in vaso

To transplant our hops plants in pots we can use different materials:

  • Professional soil
  • Fine crushed stone or expanded clay
  • A mix of field earth and blonde peat

The optimal pot is a large pot, with a diameter of 30-35 cm, which can accommodate the hop plant for two or three years.

In case you cannot find a professional soil or you prefer to create your own substrate yourself, you can proceed in this way: use a mix of field earth and blond peat, in equal parts (50:50) and if earth is too heavy, clayey or silty, a little crushed stone can be added to the extent of 15%. With this type of substrate it will be necessary to use manure, mature compost of at least 12 months or some pelleted manure.

Once ready to transplant our hop plant into the pot, prepare the hole that will collect the plant, extract the plant from its arrival pot and gently place it in the space we have used, rearrange the earth on the sides and add up to reach the same height as the earth in the plant's arrival pot.

Now just give a little water and our plant is ready to grow!