The planting

La messa a dimora

April is the perfect month for planting our hop plants.

We prepare the soil dug in depth for about 30cm, if the soil is too heavy we add a bit of gaia, both in the bottom and in the debris of the hole, in this case it is good to always plant with a rise of 10, 15 cm compared to the ground level.

A little organic substance must always be added, always both in the bottom and in the debris of the hole.

In soils where the Ph is too high it is good to also add a little blond peat which has a Ph around 3.5 - 4, to facilitate the rooting of our hop plant.

At this point we are ready to extract the plant from the pot and place it in the hole, when the hop plant is young we do not go to break the roots before inserting it, especially when the shoots have already come out.

We lay the hop plant on the bottom and close the hole, making sure to mix the earth with all the materials we have added.

Now that our hop plant has been planted in the ground, just wait for a little rain to grow well and flower.