A little botany and clarity

Un po' di botanica e chiarezza

Hops have both male and female flowers. By natural law, the seed born from the crossing of different plants gives life to plants that do not have the same characteristics as the mother plant.

The varieties on the market normally only give rise to female flowers, the much-loved cones, which are exactly what you need to make beer ...
In some cases, even female plants can produce male flowers when subjected to stress, but under optimal conditions this rarely happens.
In summary, those scoundrels who sell you seeds of hop varieties, are screwing you, precisely because if they are born they will never be what you thought you had bought.

Another important thing ...
The varieties with the initials R, TM, PVR or any other patent symbol, cannot leave the production consortium, so always those scoundrels who try to sell you varieties still covered by patents, are actually selling you something else.