Carnivorous? No, Carnivoraaaa!

Looking at them they seem monstrous, sometimes disturbing. A journey under the banner of the maximum expression of the evolution of a living being, to understand how in millions of years of mutations, a plant can be similar to the worst predator.
A collection of carnivorous plants, to make people understand how biodiversity still has
a lot to tell.

From March to October

It is advisable to have at least 2-3 hours available. The guided tour of the farm and the workshop take place in one morning.

Primary and secondary school teachers and pupils.

Understanding the mechanisms that lead a carnivorous plant to prey on annoying insects and the evolutionary leap that led them to be so.

Learn to take care of a carnivorous plant, understand their cycle and know how to reproduce it in private.

Functional alphabetic competence; personal, social competence and the ability to learn to learn.

Sciences, Italian, history, geography, art and image.

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