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  • Plants in vegetation from April to September, resting from October to March

English hop derived from Northern Brewer with genetic traits from Northdown and Target. Variety with medium alpha acid value and good aromatic characteristics, delicate, adequately spiced.
Notes of cedar, Green tea, sweet floral tones, leaves room for late fruity flavors.
Sought after both for the round and soft bitterness, and for the fresh and pleasant aroma. Mainly used for amaro, it also lends itself well to dry hopping.

Alpha Acid 6.5% -8.5%
Beta Acid 4% -4.5%
Co-Humulone Composition 20% -25%
Myrcene 30% -40%
Humulene 25% -32%


Current state: a Vegetative rest

Replaceable with: Pearls

Minimum quantity in the cart for hops in pots: 3 plants

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