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  • Plants in vegetation from April to September, resting from October to March

Excellent superalpha hops, widely used in IPA and APA e. It turns out to be a very productive variety, very resistant to heat and drought. Humid climate areas increase its susceptibility to fungal diseases. It is a triploid hybrid from the 70s still under discussion for patent issues. Precisely for this reason it is often sold as a CTZ linking it to Tomahawk and Zeus.

Pungent, resinous, earthy with notes of black pepper or licorice. If used heavily in Dry hopping it can add Hemp flower notes to beer!

Alpha Acid 14.5% -17%
Beta Acid 4% -5.5%
Co-Humulone Composition 28% -32%
Myrcene 40% -55%
Humulene 9% -18%



Minimum quantity in the cart for hops in pots: 3 plants

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